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  • New 1723 Height S Family Member

    Premium to new heights. 1723 Height S is technically identical to the 1723 Bookshelf S THX with same sound quality, and perfect timbre match to the rest of the 1723 Series.

  • New 1723 Series — Subwoofers

    After a two-year development period we proudly present the new subwoofers in the 1723 Series. Improving what were already market leading products was not an easy task to tackle. We have nailed it. It’s a promise.

  • New 1961 Series

    Just outside the city of Arendal, there’s an island called Tromøy. Isolated and remote, the island used to be accessible only by boat, and during the heavy Norwegian winter season, you had to walk or ski across the ice.
  • New 1723 Bookshelf S THX

    Arendal Sound listen to the needs and demands of the community. There have been many requests from engaging Arendal Sound owners as well as “bystanders”, for a smaller slightly more living room (wife?) friendly speaker.
  • Introducing Arendal Sound 1723 S THX Series

    Early 2016, we introduced the very first speaker series from Arendal Sound called 1723 Series. Since day one, we have sold thousands of Arendal Sound speakers and the feedback is overwhelming from customers and reviewers. It’s been an exciting year for us.
  • New 1723 Subwoofer 1.5

    The Arendal Sound Subwoofer 1.5, uses a single 13.8” driver and our 500W RMS Avalanche DSP Amplifier, first seen in the Subwoofer 1.