Modular Acoustic System (M.o.A.S)

Modular Acoustic System (M.o.A.S) | Limitless Acoustic Design

A noisy office, meeting room, restaurant, café, & workplace can be frustrating and unproductive. Noise is one of the greatest causes of disruption and stress. Our ability to relax and our concentration greatly depend on the acoustics environment in which we live and work. The balance in the acoustics creates a tranquil setting and provides a means to focus on the matter at hand.

Since 2017, Quantum Acoustic (QAAVSB) have been supplying the built environment with sustainable, design-led acoustic finishes and products. QAAVSB creates space that are optimized for sound. Whether client is looking to soundproof a space for privacy or reduce noise for speech clarity, QAAVSB deliver the best solution!

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To assess a space for acoustic performance, Reverberation Time (RT60) will be measured. RT60 is defined as the measure of the time after the sound source ceases that it takes for the sound pressure level to reduce by 60dB. The acceptable RT60 a good sound space is usually between 0.7-1 but many space’s RT60 far exceed this. If the space’s RT is too high, it will be almost unusable due to the amount of echo.

Conference / Meeting Room 0.6-0.8 second
 Lecture Hall < 1.0 second
Open Office < 1.0 second
Café / Restaurant < 1.0 second
Church 1.5 seconds
Cinema 0.3-0.5 second

Acoustic testing can help determine the right way to balance, soften, disperse and diffuse the sound to reduce unpleasant echo and distortion. Once the acoustic testing are completed for your space, our acoustic expert can determine the most effective acoustic solution for the best quality sound in your space. 

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MoAS is a unique and innovative modular system to make the design and installation of acoustic wall & ceiling simple and straightforward. The framework systems that M.A.S. create are designed to be a mounting surface for our fabric track system, for plasterboard surfaces or even our polyester fiber (PET) board.

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The MoAS profile was created using a range of manufacturing technique. They are design to easily assemble using screw and glue. It's an ecosystem of scalable and interchangeable parts to give its user the power to simple create the room shapes and form required.

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